10 OKC SEO checklist that will help you rank fast

SEO can be a little tricky given Google’s penchant for changing their algorithm to ensure they give searchers the best information for any keyword searched. Thankfully, we know users will get the best fit for their search and we can bet the algorithm will get better with time. But how can we win with the constant change? We all know content is king 👑 and the best content will always win. OKC SEO is pretty easy as it is not difficult to rank in most market and niches. This article is going to give 10 steps that should help you get to first page in no time:
  1. Write Often
  2. Create good engaging content
  3. Be the Expert: Give actionable tips that will help your users solve the problem you solve.
  4. Link To Authority Content and Articles on other sites
  5. Link to Internal Articles that corroborate your point
  6. Promote Each Content You Make
  7. Communicate with experts in complementary Industry and offer to give them content.
  8. Link back to your Post from your guest Posts
  9. Get Reviews
  10. Give Your customers value. They will talk

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