Increasing your SEO lead in 2018

So you have a business, and you have a website. But you are not having a lot of traffic. There are various ways of getting leads to your site including:

  1. Paid ads
  2. Links from other sites
  3. Leads from User Search
  4. Direct Links from Emails

The second and third way of acquiring prospective customers are pretty interesting. Getting links from other sites usually involve creating content on these sites and linking to your website in these contents. Links to other sites builds on content that you have already created. This is a sure way to increase your brand awareness and get other people talking about your content.

If you have a lot of relevant content and users spend a lot of time on your site when they show up, google will bring more users to your site because you have relevant content and this will increase your search ranking. The more content you have, the more likely visitors will find relevant content and stay longer. Sites with more content usually rank higher than sites with less content.

Direct links from emails are one sure way to drive traffic to your site. You send mail and a link to your number 1 fans and ask them to come see the content you just put on your site. It increases the amount of users who see your new content and also signifies to search engines that you have a lot of followers who love your awesome content.

Lead Source
Search Console SEO audit

Now the visitors are at your site. You want to engage them and give them entertaining content that will make them stick around for a few minutes.

Entertaining content that visitors like:

  • Informative Content
    • Lists e.g 10 ways to get 6-pack abs
    • Recent Industry News and your take
  • Comedy and funny stories
  • Reply to someone else content

These tips will get you an easy way to get your content marketing started. They keep visitors engaged and if they are very entertaining, they will get shared by your users.

Finally, A huge factor is how much rating you have on your google business profile. Grow this rating and watch your business profile grow.

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